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Architectural Sheet Metal Products and Services

Metal panels are the ideal building envelope finish, protecting against harsh weather conditions while creating a sleek, clean aesthetic. Krueger specializes in installing the following Architectural Sheet Metal products:

Architectural Metal Panels

Architectural metal panels are a great way to give your construction project exterior durability while providing a wide variety of appearance and profile options. Click on the manufacturers to the right for more detailed product information regarding the architectural metal panel systems that Krueger installs, including metal panels fabricated in the Krueger manufacturing shop.

Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels can create a similar aesthetic as architectural metal panels, while simultaneously increasing the thermal resistance of the building envelope and lowering the energy requirement. Click on the manufacturers to the right for more detailed product information regarding the insulated metal panel systems that Krueger installs.

Composite Metal Panels

Composite panel systems are the latest innovation in building envelope technology, integrating diverse materials into one panel system to give your building protection against a multitude of adverse weathering effects. Panels can consist of several different materials such as metals, polymer, laminates, and wood. Our composite metal panels are designed and rigorously tested by engineers, fabricated by reliable manufacturers, and shipped to the site for Krueger installation.

Custom Metal Panel Systems

Having trouble finding a panel that meets your desired look? Then Krueger can help. We have years of experience designing, engineering, and installing custom metal panel systems, providing customers a product that can't be found elsewhere. Krueger's full metal manufacturing shop allows us to fabricate almost any metal panel system, whether simple or complex. We are proud to guarantee the strength and quality of our craftsmanship to meet your custom metal panel needs.

For custom metal panel system inquiries, contact our Spokane Office at (509) 489-0221 or email